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Preparation Calls / Technical CallsOctober - December 2022
Detailed Technical Discussion (Test Cases, Configuration, etc.)January - February 2023

Event Contract Deadline

December 16, 2022
Payment DeadlineFebruary 10, 2023
Shipping deadline for Hot StagingMarch 10, 2023
Hot Staging in BerlinMarch 13-24, 2023
Showcase setupApril 17, 2023
MPLS SD & AI Net World Congress in ParisApril 18-20, 2023
Publication embargoApril 18, 2023
Devices ready to be picked up at EANTCApril 26, 2023

Preparational Conference Calls

During the kick-off call, the test program, including the technical focus, will be introduced in detail. All interested parties are invited to attend the call without obligations to join the event - no NDA is required. In advance of each call, we will provide the dial-in details in our Wiki. 

To attend the technical calls afterwards, we would need a signed NDA. Signing the NDA is non-binding with regard to actual participation. Please send us an email.

Test Plan Development

The technical focus areas of the interoperability test are defined by EANTC in collaboration with all participants in the preparation phase before the contract deadline.  Any requests for testing of specific technologies, solutions, and protocols need to be raised in detail via e-mail or in the joint conference calls organized by EANTC. In preparation for the test, EANTC develops a detailed test plan in collaboration with interested vendors based on the project goal. This phase will help to align expectations and agree on a detailed test methodology. EANTC amends the document describing each test case, including purpose, references, preconditions, and test steps. The test plan will include physical and logical test topologies.


In the integration phase, the tested components will be prepared for the test environment. This includes the physical device installation if needed, and the software import/base configuration on the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI). The participants will receive VPN access to the lab after signing the NDA/contract. Usually, VPN access will be client-to-site, to access VNFs running at EANTC. On request, site-to-site VPN access can also be provided to enable the testing of distributed clients and servers connected from vendor sites.

Testing Process

All tests will be executed during two weeks of focused testing and development to achieve the best results in this multi-party testing environment. The participating parties are expected to provide remote support and assist with the testing. However, parties are not required to support all tested features/roles to participate. Each participant is encouraged to test in the roles that are most fitting for the product development and marketing strategy.
In the report, we will present the tested technologies in full end-to-end scenarios where applicable.

Test Report 

The test report will contain detailed descriptions of the test topics and findings for tracking results. It will be published on our website free of charge.

Marketing Channels

EANTC will pre-announce the event distributed to the extensive list of subscribers, in newsletters, and on our website – reaching service providers, carriers, and press worldwide. EANTC and participating vendors will publish press releases and mention them in our customer newsletter free of charge. 

Carsten Rossenhoevel will be available for a video recording conducted by a participants' team speaking about the test goals, use cases, results, and industry benefits. The video recording will be edited by the participant and reviewed by the EANTC marketing team.

Additional marketing services (webinars, analyst or customer briefings, etc.) are available on request at additional charges.

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